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Department Goals
Department Statement of Purpose and Learning Outcomes
The mission of the Math Department is three-fold: to educate all students in quantitative reasoning and rigorous deduction; to serve other departments by developing math skills needed in their disciplines; and, for math majors, to provide a solid education in the central ideas, methods, and competencies of undergraduate math, preparing them for employment in professions requiring mathematics such as business, education, technology, as well as for Graduate School.

Department Learning Outcomes
Students completing an undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the College of Mount Saint Vincent will be able to:

1) Demonstrate mathematical thinking and communication. They will progress from a procedural/computational understanding of mathematics to a broad understanding encompassing logical reasoning, generalization, abstraction and proof. They will analyze data carefully and communicate results and conclusions effectively.
2) Demonstrate competency with a variety of technological tools: math software, including computer algebra systems, visualization software, statistical packages, and computer programming languages.
3) Demonstrate mastery of concepts and the ability to apply techniques from a broad range of mathematical disciplines: continuous and discrete, algebraic and geometric, deterministic and stochastic, theoretical and applied.
4) Study one field in depth and demonstrate the ability to analyze and create mathematical arguments and present them in an oral and a written report.