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Department Policies
1. Required science courses may only be repeated once. Passing grade of C+ must be obtained in all required science and nursing courses.

2. In order to begin the clinical component (NURS 229) of the nursing curriculum, the student must have an overall GPA of 3.0 by the end of the first semester of sophomore year. The student must also have successfully completed all pre-requisites. A grade of C+ or higher must be attained in all required science and nursing courses. Once the student enters the “clinical” component of the curriculum (NURS 229), the student is only permitted to repeat one nursing or required science course. A second failure (below a grade of C+) will result in dismissal from the Nursing Department.

3. Because of the importance of accountability and personal responsibility in the nursing profession, absences in the classroom, and in experiential learning and/or in clinical experience must be related to acute physical illness or family crises. Documentation related to the reason for such absences may be requested. The student must notify the instructor of an absence prior to the start of the clinical day. The student must also leave a message with the Department of Nursing at the Riverdale campus for those enrolled there or the Mid-Manhattan site for those enrolled there. In Preceptorship, in the event of an absence, the student must inform their preceptor and faculty advisor.

4. Students must attend a mandatory “to begin clinical” meeting before the first clinical course (NURS 229).

5. All requirements for Health Clearance must be fulfilled no later than 2 months prior to the beginning of their first clinical course (NURS 229) and then annually. If these dates are not adhered to, students will not be allowed to continue in the clinical course. All students must be certified in CPR before beginning clinical, have completed FIT and color vision testing and have a background check and urine for toxicology testing.

6. Students enrolled in “clinical” courses are required to take a math calculation exam. A grade of 100% must be achieved in order to continue in the course. Students are provided only 2 opportunities to achieve the standard of 100%.

7. Students are expected to arrive on time for all exams, quizzes.  Students who miss an exam must provide documentation of the reason for the absence (illness, family emergency) for another testing opportunity to be developed for the student.  Students who do not provide such documentation will receive a “0”.

8. Senior students who have a 3.0 GPA may enroll in graduate core courses with permission of their Academic Advisor and the Director of the Department of Nursing.