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Alumnae/i-Student Connection • Events & Info
November 12
Freshmen Career Symposium & Alumnae/i Networking Event
Offere feedback on career discovery projects and network with the freshman class   
6:00 pm – Peter Jay Sharp Athletic and Recreation Center

 *Alumnae/i-Student Connection series is co-sponsored by the Academic Federal Credit Union, College academic departments, and the Offices of Alumnae/i Relations and Center for Academic Advisement. 

The Alumnae/i-Student Connection program is in collaboration with our Office of Career Development and Internships, offering our alumnae/i a chance to connect with current Mount students and recent graduates. 

-We know how successful our Alumnae/i are and your knowledge, experience and insights regarding your career can make such a difference to our graduating students and/or young alums. 

-Think what your company can provide; giving students a chance to experience a professional setting. 

-To personally provide an internship in your office or offer a job to one of our talented young people.

Listed below are the many ways that you, an Alum, you can help our students continue to succeed.

1. Career Consultants
Meet with a student once or on a regular basis throughout the semester to offer advice and information on your career path or occupation, while giving them guidance to be successful.

  • Provide informational interviews. 
  • Offer advice on choosing a major. 
  • Discuss your career experiences.

2. Speakers Bureau
Be a speaker in a class or at a College Event.

  • Describe and explore specific career paths in your field.
  • Discuss the transition to work and the reality of life in the workplace.
  • Participate in a panel discussion on work-related topics.

3. Internships
What is better than providing paid and/or unpaid opportunities for students to work in your company as part of their course of study?  

  • Link our students to appropriate resources in your organization.
  • Offer unpaid internships for credit according to College guidelines
    (available from our Career Development and Internships Office). 
  • Connect students to paid internship opportunities and training programs.
  • Solicit others in your organization or professional network to identify internship opportunities available for Mount Saint Vincent students. 

4. Jobs and Networking
Offer employment opportunities for our students or recent graduates in your company.

  • Send listings of full time, part time and summer jobs
    to the College’s Office of Career Development and Internships.
  • Recruit for your company by attending our Career Fair or encourage coworkers to do so.
  • Attend a campus networking event such as the Networking Panel or Dining Etiquette Dinner as an opportunity meet our students.

For further information contact:
Christina Wesolek
Director for Alumnae/i  Relations
Office of Alumnae/i Relations 
(718) 405-3334

Amber Lennon
Academic Advisor/Director of The Oxley Career Education Program
Center for Academic Advisement
(718) 405-3262

*Create a personal Linkedin account and then join our "College of Mount Saint Vincent Alumnae/i - Official" Linkedin group.
Visit for more details.