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Pre-Professional Programs: Pre-Med

Health Professions Advisory Committee

Podiatric Medicine
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Social Work

Minimum Science Course Requirements 
Students who want to undertake professional training in Medicine or Dentistry should complete at minimum the science requirements recommended by the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association for admission into professional schools, including but not limited to:  

BIOL 111-112  General Biology I 
BIOL 113-114  General Biology II 
CHEM 101-102  General Chemistry 
CHEM 319-320  Organic Chemistry I 
CHEM 323-324  Organic Chemistry II 
MATH 131  Calculus I
MATH 132 Calculus II*
PHYS 107-108  Physics I and II 

*In some cases, MATH 121 Biomedical Statistics may be taken in place of MATH 132 Calculus II. 

For information about the MCAT, view the MCAT 2015 preview guide

Please meet with the Pre-Med advisor to plan a course of study. 


Dr. James Fabrizio
Chair, Health Professions Advisory Committee
Pre-Med Advisor
Science Building, Room 103 and 303 (Lab) 
Phone: (718) 405-3393