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About the Faculty
Daniel Hrubes Dr. Daniel Hrubes
Chair and Associate Professor
  • 'White lies' the motivation behind deceptions to control emotions
  • The influence of attitudes and opinions on behaviors
  • Persuasion
Katherine Alexander Dr. Katherine Alexander
Assistant Professor Expertise:
  • Attachment Theory
  • Eating Behavior
Stephanie Berger Dr. Stephanie A. Berger
Associate Professor
  • Memory
  • Autobiographical Memory
  • Accuracy and Distortion of autobiographical memory
Dr. Eileen Brady
Rita Dytell Dr. Rita Dytell
  • Genocide (Armenian genocide, Holocaust, Rwanda)
  • Behavioral medicine
  • Stress and stress reduction, work and family stress
  • Gender and cultural differences in health behaviors
  • Parental Influences on adolescent health care practices
Dr. Mary Fuller
Associate Professor
Sumi Raghavan Dr. Sumi Raghavan 
Assistant Professor
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Trauma
  • Multicultural Issues