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Honors Program

The Honors Program at the College of Mount Saint Vincent provides our most competent and motivated students with a stimulating environment to maximize their intellectual and personal development. The Honors Curriculum is designed to challenge students through all four years of their undergraduate experience while ensuring that they are exposed to academic experiences that fit the Mission of the College.

Program Overview Honors Thesis
Honors Core Curriculum Recent Honors Courses

Program Overview
The Honors Curriculum combines unique Honors Courses with select elements of the traditional core curriculum for a baccalaureate degree. The Honors Program provides students with the freedom to develop an educational experience suited to their academic and intellectual interests and may be completed while pursuing any of the majors offered by the College.

Incoming full-time freshmen with outstanding academic backgrounds, and full-time, first-term freshmen who earn a GPA above 3.5, are invited to apply by contacting the Honors Program Director.

Small classes and innovative teaching methods (seminars, group projects, individual mentoring and field trips) are some of the special features offered by the Honors Program.   

In addition to a fulfilling educational experience, Honor Students also benefit from:
  • small, seminar-like thematic courses that foster discussion and intellectual challenge
  • completion of a significant independent scholarly project 
  • greater freedom in choosing courses
  • early registration for classes
  • honors course designation on your transcript
  • recognition and Honors Degree at Commencement  

Honors Thesis
The Honors Thesis is an opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor on an independent research or creative scholarly project. Students choose their projects in collaboration with a faculty mentor.

Theses can take different forms depending on the field in which they are completed. Each academic department specifies the requirements that a thesis must meet for that department. 

Recent Honors Theses

  • Bernadette Bingham, “The Effects of Music Therapy on Burn Victims”
  • Michael Delmont, “A Robust Reform Agenda: Maximizing the United Nations' Effectiveness as an Actor in the Twenty-First Century International System"
  • Kristine DeMasi, “Aluminum’s Relationship to Alzheimer’s Disease”
  • Shyloh Elder, “Social Media and Advertising: Trending Fad or Lasting Tool?"
  • Maria Ermakova, “Business Cycles in Emerging Economies: The Case of the BRIC’s”
  • Sandra Innabi, “Tooth Development:  Neural Crest Migration and the Formation of the Human Face”
  • Mary Jongoy, “The Tubulin-Folding Cofactor E-Like Homolog CG12214 is Required for Sperm Individualization in Drosophila Spermatogenesis
  • Alessandra Mazzella, “The Evolution of Special Education”
  • Erica Melore, “ ‘Mother Dearest:’ Mother-Daughter Relationships in British Literature”
  • Robert Ortiz, “Homestruck: The New Postmodernist Novel”
  • Pamela Publik, “An Exploration of Consciousness through Lucid Dreaming”
  • Ryan Romprey, “Prayer Healing… a Legitimate Nursing  Intervention”
  • Besiana Rugova, “Infection Control In New York City and Bermuda”
  • Andrew Shepard, “Moral Lessons in Jim Henson’s Work”
  • Susan Young, “Love Is a Battlefield: Villain Characters on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette”

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Associate Professor of English
The Academy 307A
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