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Department Goals
Department Statement of Purpose and Learning Outcomes

The Department of Sociology, through its curriculum of courses and faculty support, prepares students to think critically about issues of social life experience, develop the ability to interpret and evaluate data and information in orderly fashion, employ a focused approach to listening, oral communication, observing, and critical, analytical writing.

Students are provided with strong foundations in theoretical thinking, research analysis and opportunities to engage in research projects, and the development of multi-cultural awareness. In addition, strong internship opportunities serve to enhance the learning process. The department attempts to assist students to develop their unique potential both academically and socially. Opportunities for accelerated graduate programs in sociology, criminology and justice, and social service, as well as cultural studies, with reputed colleges and universities permit further development of skills that are essential for leadership, as well as for professional and career success.

Department Learning Outcomes
1) Being trained in research from conception to measurement
2) Developing skills to master the gamut of critical thinking and analytical reasoning
3) Leadership and Whole Person Development
4) Professional Socialization and Development